Primary School

The theme of the primary years is the world is beautiful. Children begin Primary School in the year that they turn seven. Now that their minds and bodies are primed, formal instruction in reading and writing begins. As a result of waiting until the children are ready, they feel less anxious and are empowered to conquer this lesson time.Throughout Steiner Education, subject matter and teaching methods are specific to children’s ages.

We uphold that learning in the early primary years is based on feeling, with children’s intellectual skills and capacity to make independent judgements unfolding gradually. Children are offered stories rich with metaphors, morals and images and augmented by high quality arts and crafts. The timetable ensures the children have a solid block of time everyday to immerse themselves in the main lesson topic. They learn literacy and numeracy through imaginative, artistic work and real experiences.

As they progress through the primary years their capacity for independent critical thinking is carefully developed. Camps and excursions are an important, compulsory part of our curriculum.

Children of this age learn best when they have strong relationships with their teachers so at Orana the teacher moves with the class through the years. The children therefore experience a deep relationship with their class teacher while also working with specialist teachers across a range of subjects.

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Primary School Handbook (Download)