High School and Senior College

Early High School years

In the early High School years, young people want to be citizens of the modern world, so their learning is woven around this drive. They want to understand what the world is about and are fascinated with power and strengths. So in History and Physics, for example, power and energy are addressed. At this time in their lives when some find it difficult to focus, students are supported to direct their energies constructively.

Middle High School Years

Computer LabBy the middle High School years, the students are interested in how things came to be in the form we see them today: governments, the physical world, cultural understandings. The question ‘Why?’ figures in their thinking as they challenge conventional practices in the process of developing existential wisdom to guide their life paths. This therefore is the key theme of teaching in these years. At the end of the year, students in Year 10 receive an ACT Year 10 Certificate.

Senior College

By the final years of High School, the Senior College years, students bring their honed analytical and synthetic skills to the question of ‘Who?’ Who is behind a particular world view? Who is the author of a given doctrine? Awareness of culture is heightened at the same time, as is an appreciation of the universality of humanity’s core questions. At the completion of their high school education, without losing sight of their ideals, the students can recognise that life involves paradoxes.

By the completion of their schooling, the students are fully equipped with the skills, faculties and qualities that they need to meet the demands of the 21st century, both academically and emotionally. The richness of artistic work and depth of academic endeavour experienced by our students continue as renewing forces for the rest of their lives.

MetalworkAt Orana Steiner School a comprehensive Steiner-based curriculum has been developed with approval by the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies. A feature of this curriculum is a broad and integrated approach to the Senior College subjects. The emphasis is on providing a well-rounded education with balanced exposure to all subjects, together with range of electives.

Year 12 is a culmination of all that has come before in the students' education, beginning many years ago in Kindergarten. It is the year of synthesis, a bringing together of the divergent and varied subjects that students have studied; a time of more conscious awareness of the connectedness of all they have learnt. The opportunity of individual work is given to each student in the form of the Year 12 Project. This is a research or activity-based task which extends over the whole year. It offers students the chance to demonstrate the skills they have learnt and developed over their school life. At the end of Year 12, all students present their work on the project to a gathering of the school and the broader community.

At Orana, students complete their studies at the end of Year 12 and have an Australian Territory Admission Rank (ATAR) if they have chosen that option. An ATAR score can be used in enrolment applications to any tertiary educational institution in Australia. In addition, all students who complete an approved educational program in Years 11 and 12 receive an Australian Capital Territory Senior Secondary Record of Achievement. This year, students will also receive a Testamur, the Australian Capital Territory Senior Secondary Certificate, which will sit alongside the Record of Achievement.

High School Handbook (This document is currently being updated)

Senior College Handbook 2019 (Download)