Before School Care

The Orana Out of Hours Care group greets Pre-school, Kindergarten and Primary School aged children each school day from 7:30am.

The children are welcomed into a cosy environment where we share a nourishing breakfast, morning verse and simple seasonally-inspired activites imbued with warmth and beauty.

At 8.45am, each child is escorted to their classroom where they are farewelled by one of our staff.

Government subsidies are available to eligible families as Orana Out of Hours Care is an ‘approved’ childcare provider. Orana Out of Hours Care’s current overall NQF rating is ‘Meeting National Standards’.

Our Full Fees are:

BSC Permanent $27 per session

BSCCasual $34 per session

(This amount is lower once CCSS is applied). 

For more Information and registration, go to

or email [email protected]