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The Sophia Group is a separately incorporated association which is an integral part of the Orana School community. Its vision is that the school be rich with opportunities and experiences inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner.

The Sophia Group organises events and courses for parents and teachers to increase their knowledge and understanding of Anthroposophy. Anthroposophy is the spiritual philosophy based on Steiner’s teachings.

Examples of events are:

  • - artistic and creative workshops
  • - opportunities for experiential learning
  • - introductory workshops for new parents
  • - practical advice on parenting skills
  • - sharing opportunities for parents
  • - support for the educational work of the teachers
  • - opportunities for personal growth

Any member of the Orana community is welcome. No previous experience or knowledge of Steiner’s work or of Anthroposophy is required.

The Sophia Group has presented many talks on topics such as, artistic therapy, creative discipline, behaviour and boundaries, parenting the temperaments and raising a healthy child. The Sophia Group has also presented: craft courses including Steiner doll making, ‘Kinder chats’ on many topics of relevance to the young child, voice workshops, biodynamic gardening workshops, Steiner curriculum courses and many others. Details of our future courses can be found in the Sophia News publication (once per term) or in the School Leaflet and Seasons.

For more information please contact the School Office or email [email protected]

Sophia Group is now on Facebook: Sophia Group is now on Facebook! This is the best way to keep up to date with events, workshops and information about Steiner education, parenting, inspirational quotes and craft ideas. Alternatively, you can also contact us to be included on our mailing list to hear directly about upcoming events, or to hear about how you can earn community hours by helping us organise events and workshops. Come join us:

2018 Sophia Group committee meetings and curriculum workshops

Anyone is welcome to attend the Sophia Group committee meetings which are held on Thursday evenings 7.30-9.00pm in the Kurrajong Building (afterschool care room) on the following dates:

Sophia Group also welcomes interested parents, carers and teachers to attend the Sophia Group curriculum workshops which will be held once per term in week 6. Each workshop will discuss the Steiner curriculum and will hopefully have an experienced presenter to support the discussion.

2018 Sophia Group meeting dates


On June 7th Sophia Group will be holding a workshop called "Primary School Children and the Steiner curriculum" at 7:30pm in the Kurrajong Building. If you would like to attend visit 

Sophia Group News


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