P&F Association

P&F Association

The Orana Parents and Friends Association (P&F) is a separately incorporated association which belongs to the parents, teachers and staff of Orana.

The P&F is a vital part of the Orana community.

It offers parents and friends of the school unique opportunities to meet each other and to become involved with the school through community-building events and fundraising activities.

The P&F is directly responsible for the Orana P&F Shop, as well as managing the hire of events equipment to Association members.

The P&F supports many school community activities and events such as the Craft Group, Community Markets and the school’s major fundraising event, the annual Spring Fair, held later in the year.


All Orana parents and teachers are automatically members of the P&F Association and are welcome at any of the general P&F meetings held monthly at the school.

Friends of the Orana school community are also welcome to join the Association.

For more information please email p&[email protected]

(Please note that an email sent to this address will be received by all executive members of the P&F committee).


P&F Committee

The P & F Committee membership is made up of volunteers from the school community.

The 2020 committee members include



Member name

Executive members


Tamara Lancaster


Tracey Pearce


Rochelle Hill


Melanie Smith

Assistant secretary


Assistant treasurer

Bonnie Babic

School representative

Johann Huyser

Non-executive members

P&F Shop coordinator

Rebeka Mills

Craft group coordinator

Ange Telfer Lloyd

Spring Fair school coordinator

Gail Wright


2020 general meeting schedule:



4 March 2020

6.30 – 7pm

1 April 2020

6.30 – 7pm

6 May 2020

6.30 – 7pm

3 June

Annual General meeting

24 June 2020

6.30 - 7pm


6 – 6.30pm


5 August 2020

6.30 – 7pm

7 September 2020

6.30 – 7pm

14 October 2020

6.30 – 7pm

4 November 2020

6.30 – 7pm

Events and activities

Community markets

Community markets are held once a month, on a Friday, 3-4pm.

2020 community market schedule:




8 May 2020


12 June 2020


31 July 2020


4 September 2020


16 October 2020



The P&F Shop

A mainstay in the life of Orana, the P&F Shop is staffed by volunteers from the school community. Time volunteered to work at the shop will attract community hours.

To get involved with the Shop please email, [email protected]

No experience is necessary, and it is a great way to meet other members of the school community.

Opening hours: During COVID-19 the school shop is open by appointment only. 

Craft 'n Cafe

Meeting Minutes