The Orana Difference

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Steiner education is designed to nurture the development of the whole human being and therefore gives equal importance to the creative, academic, emotional and physical aspects of each child’s development. Teaching and learning is centred on developing heads, hands and hearts.

The curriculum provides a solid foundation in literacy, numeracy, geography, history and sciences with a strong programme of music, drama, visual arts, woodwork, technology and physical activity. The school is set in beautiful natural surroundings; camps and outdoor activities are an important feature of learning experiences.

Learning at Orana is enriching. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the young person at every stage as they progress from pre-school to the last year of secondary education.  A An Orana education is distinct and lasting. Curriculum content is rich with lessons whether it is about Ancient Greece and Egypt, local geography, botany, learning a musical instrument, learning foreign languages, mathematics or English. The timetable's design ensures the students have a full two hours each day to immerse themselves in the Main Lesson topic.

The students learn literacy and numeracy through imaginative stories, artistic work and real experiences. As they progress through the primary years, the student’s capacity for independent critical thinking is carefully developed. Our high school students are encouraged to think for themselves and to take responsibility for their learning while receiving encouragement and teaching from highly skilled specialist teachers.

In Years 11 and 12 a comprehensive curriculum balances the Steiner approach with contemporary needs as approved by the ACT Board of Secondary School Studies. In Year 12, students undertake a significant independent project thereby providing them with the skills and capacity to manage the workload of tertiary study or employment. Our high school students have the opportunity to work with younger classes and to engage in community service.

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Besides offering an excellent education, Orana offers its students and their parents more than just a school focused on the classroom. The Orana playgroup, the weekly parent Craft Group, parent education talks and workshops, diverse camps, excursions and school concerts add vitality and build community. 

According to mother of three Orana pupils Liz Tilley, “The best way to understand what the Steiner style of education has to offer is to visit the school itself.”  

“When I first visited the school all I kept thinking was, ‘I wish I had gone to a school like this’.” she said.