NetballBenefits of being part of a junior team

Engagement in Structured Physical Education Programs and Sport can have a positive impact on school climate and school identification. Recent studies have sited participation in school based physical activity and sport as playing a critical role in enhancing school climate and identification which has been shown to improve numeracy, reading, writing, mental wellbeing and student behaviour.

The Orana Steiner School Physical Education and Sport Programs aim to contribute to the overall wellbeing of the school by improving student; engagement, concentration, behaviour and mental, social and physical health, thus improving their academic performance.

Advocates of school-based physical activity have always professed that physical education, physical activity and sport can contribute to the enhancement of academic performance either directly or through the achievement of wider social outcomes which, in turn, may impact on academic achievement. We believe that participation in the team games and individual pursuits offered in the PE and Sport programs ensure the cognitive, social, personal, creative and physical growth of each and every child at Orana.

Cross CountryPERSONAL

Meeting an individual or team challenge enables students to understand the value of determination, commitment and perseverance. Students work collectively to set goals and have the desire to improve. Through these guided experiences students believe they can be successful and also help others to achieve.


Games and sports dare students to find different solutions to problems and suggest new and original ideas. Participation in junior sports competition is ideal for these challenges, as the outcome of the game is not important; it is the learning journey that is paramount.


During games students observe, analyse and perform. They can recognise strengths, limitations, plan tactics and strategies, evaluate and make informed decisions to improve.


Ice HockeyStudents are given the opportunity to develop control, precision and fluency across a range of activities. Participation in games and physical activity enables students to make gains in coordination, balance, flexibility, speed and endurance. With physical competence comes the confidence to step out into the world.


During team games students must work collectively; helping, listening, supporting and communicating to achieve as a group. Students are free to step into leadership roles and take on responsibilities in a setting where the outcome of the game is of little significance yet the experience can be remarkable in developing a set of crucial social skills. Children grow through games, we believe that our Physical Education and Sports Program combined with the work of Class teachers is a vital element in the cognitive, social, personal, creative and physical growth of each and every child at Orana.


SwimmingInformation on Sports Representation

PSSA Sports Representation (Download)

SSSA Sports Representation (Download)


Team Registrations

2017 Girls South Weston Touch Football

2017 Boys Soccer Trials 

This trial is open to boys turning 10-12 this year and who currently play and/or played last season in Division 1 or Premier teams.  

Two trials will take place at Curtin Primary School Oval, Carruthers Street, Curtin on:
Trial 1: Thursday 11 May (Term 2 Week 3)
Trial 2: Wednesday 17 May (Term 2 Week 4)

Please download the flyer for more information.

 2017 12&U South Weston AFL

 2017 Sport Girls South Weston Soccer Trial.pdf

Dates for trial: 
Trial 1: Monday, 22 May
Trial 2: Monday, 29 May

All girls turned 10-12 this year. Girls must be Division 1 or Premier League (currently or last season).

 2017 Sport Girls 12U Netball trial note.pdf




Sports at Orana: Kelly Armstrong and Kirstie Brass

Orana teachers Kelly Armstrong and Kirstie Brass discuss Sports and Physical Education at Orana Steiner School