Come Alive Festival of Museum Theatre

Orana will be performing on
Monday 23 October at 1.00 and 6.00
Tuesday 24 October at 1.00 and 6.00
Saturday 28 at 11.00 and 1.00.
All performances will be held in The Courtyard Theatre at the Canberra Theatre Centre.


The students have devised a very powerful and confronting piece, inspired by Robert Foster’s The Cardinal’s Tea Set. The program notes for the performance are below:

The Cardinal’s Tea Set

It has been estimated that from the 1920s until the late 60s more than 130,000 children from the United Kingdom were sent to a “better life” in former British colonies. In the years following World War II over 3,000 children were sent to Australia alone.

The children, aged between three and 14, were almost invariably from deprived backgrounds and already in some form of social or charitable care. It was believed, they would lead happier lives.

The last children sailed in 1967. But it is only recently, as their stories have been told, that details of the abuse, and the official sanction which made it possible, have become public. This is the story of The Cardinal’s Tea Set.

Matinees are free of charge and tickets for evening and Saturday performances are $10. (Please note that this performance is not suitable for children below Class 9). Bookings may be made through the Canberra Theatre on 62752700.